WHERE:  Glasgow Kelvin College, John Wheatley Building, 2 Haghill Road, Glasgow, G31 3SR. Click here for map.

WHEN: Monday 7.30pm - 9.30pm     CLASSROOM: GT1, GT3, GT4 in College, GT2 Online

LEVELS: Absolute Beginner, Improver and Intermediate

TUTORS: Beginner - Rhona Stevens / Improvers - Mike Bryan & John Newman / Intermediate - Jenn Butterworth

INSTRUMENT HIRE: See Instrument Hire page.


GFW Playing Together – Monday Slow Session



 GT1 - Absolute Beginners Guitar - with TBA - In College

This class is for those who wish to learn the guitar and have little or no experience.

You will focus on learnng:
  • how to hold the guitar and position your hands.
  • the  names of the various parts of the guitar and how these names will help you in the lessons.
  • string names, frets and fret positions, and how our fingers are numbered.
  • basics of strumming.
  • basics of counting the beat and playing to a rhythm.
  • one new chord each week.
  • one new song every week

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Mike Dick pic

 John NewmanJohn Newman

 Improvers Guitar – with Mike Dick (GT2 Online) & John Newman (GT3 In College)

This class is for existing GFW Guitar members and new members who are already comfortable playing Guitar.

At the GFW we like to play together and that's what this improvers guitar class is designed to do.  Improve your finger-picking accompaniment to songs, learn to strum along to fiddle tunes, try out some modern styles of playing, play our tunes in a flat-picking style - but most of all have a good time playing along with other musicians. 

  Improvers Guitar may split into 2 classes when student numbers are too large for a single class.

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 GT4 - Intermediate Guitar - with Jenn Butterworth - In College

This class is for guitarists who have some prior knowledge of first position chords and would like to develop their skills in folk accompaniment and tune playing.

You will focus on:

strumming patterns

tune accompaniment

melody playing

alternative chord voicings

learning by ear and reading tab (both options available)

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