NEW - The Slow Jam (First Thursday in the month)

Strathmore Bar,

795 Maryhill Road,


G20 7TL

This new JAM is for those who have been going slow for so long to the Slow Session and feel they are ready to 'take it up a notch' 

On the first Thursday in every month there will be a tutor-led ‘Slow Jam’ (ie slighty FASTER than the VSS with a more comprehensive repertoire ) at Strathmore Bar, Maryhill, starting 8.30pm

For the moment we will continue with the VSS repertoire of tunes but will gradually add new tunes to the list and build up a wider selection of tunes. Keep visiting this page and we will increase the repertoire by adding more tunes and soundfiles which will be only played at the SLOW JAM.

Next Thursday dates : 8th March 2108 (8.30-10.30pm)


Polka Set: Johnny O'Leary's - Am,  Rattlin' Bog- D, Ger The Rigger- A, We Won't Go Home Till Morning- D, Rakes of Mallow- G

Polka chords   Polka soundfile

The Sleeping Tune Bm music; chords; soundfile

Set of 3 jigs : Rory Gallagher's ; The Soup Dragon; The Gathering

Jigs chords Jigs soundfile

Waltzes : Midnight on the Water; Maggie West's Waltz; CHORDSMidnight soundfile; Maggie soundfile