Welcome to the GFW Very Slow Session

"A chance for players of all instruments to have a tune together at a speed we can all manage..."

 PLEASE NOTE  We now meet twice a month at Knolls Kitchen Bar (previously Siempre) 162 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow, G11 6XE. See VSS NEWS page or Facebook for date of next meeting 


Very Slow Session Repertoire! See links on this page to sound files, music, chords , fingering and tablature.

The session is for players of any instrument and at any level; however the tunes will all be played slowly so that people in the early stages of their playing can have an opportunity to play together a selection of easy tunes in an informal setting.

For links to sound files, sheet music and chords for the tunes we are likely to play please see the menu to the left or above (on mobile or tablet).


Early Bird Sessions (alternate Tuesday before VSS)

As a way of giving new players a chance to learn some of the repertoire ( or introduce new tunes from time to time) we are going to try a HALF HOUR tune learning session before the Very Slow Session starts.

This will happen once a month, immediately before the VSS Session. Click here for further details.