WHERE:  UK1 - Absolute Beginners, UK2,3,4 In College and Online, UK5 in College.  

WHEN: Monday 7.30pm - 9.15pm     UK4 - Wednesday 7-30-9-15pm

LEVELS: Absolute Beginners , 2/3/4/5 Click below for Which Ukulele Class ?

TUTORS:  Jack Scott / Amy Allison / Gordon Melrose / Finlay Allison 

INSTRUMENT HIRE:   : Instrument Hire


GFW Playing Together – Monday Slow Session; Wednesday Warm Up: Very Slow Session/Slow Jam (Thursdays-open to all) 

Which Uke Class ? Click Here

Curriculum Updated August 2021

 Ukulele 1 - Absolute Beginners - will restart in February 23 - In College

This class is for people who have never played the ukulele.


If you have never played the Ukulele, Join this Class in either August or February  

  • holding instrument
  •  tuning
  • strumming
  • learning first few chords in key C
  • learning some simple songs
  • practising changing chords
  • posture, grip, strumming finger(s).
  • listening for cues to change chord

 Ukulele 2 / 3 - Beginners/Improvers - with Jack Scott - In College

This class is for those who played a little and are familiar with chords in C. You should know how to hold the uke, change chords and play a few tunes from memory.

UK2 and UK3

  • learning simple chords
  • changing chords fluently without looking
  • learning keys of D and G 
  • improving control of instrument and posture
  • A7, Dm, D7, Em

 Ukulele 2 / 3 / 4 - Beginners/Improvers - with Gordon Melrose - Online

This class is for people who are able to play tunes with reasonable confidence in more than one key

UK2 and UK3

  • learning different types of songs
  • working on easy arrangements 
  • learning some introductions and bridges 
  • leaning simple keys within a song
  • using 1,4,5 Nashville system Em-B7, G-Em
  • Keys G, D
  • Introduce Key A

 Ukulele 4 - Improvers - with Amy Allison - in College

This class is for people who able to play a few songs with reasonable confidence 


  • learning Key  A
  •  Introduce Key F
  • using moveable chords. maj,min, 7th, M7th,m7, dim
  • using fills and more elaborate strums
  • damping with right hand.
  • remembering chord shapes and sequences without chord windows
  • understanding relationships between chords using Nashville I,ii,IV,V(7)vi
  • working on a key change within a song using I,IV,V Nashville
  • working on trad tune repertoire with a view to playing along with other classes at shared events

 Ukulele 5 - Experienced - with Finlay Allison - In College

For those who are able to play a few songs confidently; able to lead on occasion. 


  •  You will focus on:
    • swing and syncopated strumming
    • moveable chords; maj, min, 7th, M7, m7, dim 
    • understanding role of diminished and augmented passing chords, some Altered chords
    • flat keys
    • fills and more elaborate strums
    • right hand damping
    • damping (left hand) in closed chords
    • fingerpicking
    • basics of TABLATURE
    • finding suitable alternate voicings for familiar chords
    • arranging songs; intros, 
    • popular songs from all eras.
    • distinguishing between Marches, Reels, Jigs, Strathspeys


General Class Guidelines

Song sheets with words and chord windows for revision and practice (and occasionally videos by the tutors explaining or demonstrating a teaching point) will be made available for support. 


It is not expected that students will automatically move up a class level each year/term. Students should remain in the same class until they feel ready to move up to the next level. Speak to either your own tutor or a Senior Tutor for advice on which level would suit you best

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