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FluteFling returns to Aberdeen 1-3 November 2019

The 3rd FluteFling Aberdeen Weekend will take place 1-3 November, with Workshops taking place on Saturday 2nd November once more at Inchgarth Community Centre.


The weekend will include:

  • sessions each day, including performance spots
  • a full day of workshops with four tutors
  • special guest discussion
  • group pre-session meal

flutefling 2019 programme

Saturday Workshops

The weekend once again centres on a day of workshops on the Saturday. For the first time we will have five tutors and anticipate having a slight departure from our regular format that will include some 1-1 tuition time in addition to classes with different tutors. Expect to be taught by at least four of the tutors.

Suitability: The workshops are intended for simple system wooden flutes in D, Boehm system flutes and whistles and low whistles in D. While not suitable for complete beginners and best for those with at least 1-2 years experience (this can vary), we do welcome those returning to the instruments after a break. More information can be found here.


This year, John Gahagan will be a tutor for the first time. John is a flute and whistle player and former member of The Battlefield Band, making him one of the longest-serving flute and whistle players in Scotland. As he devotes his time to his art, this is a rare chance to hear and learn from him beyond Glasgow.

John will be teaching group classes this year.


Dougie Pincock was keen to be involved again after enjoying last year’s weekend and also performing in an Edinburgh FluteFling concert a few years back. A piper, whistler, flute and piccolo player, Dougie is another former member of The Battlefield Band and also of Kentigern. Dougie is known as a broadcaster and piper, which somehow he manages to fit in alongside his day job as Director of the National Centre of Traditional Music Excellence in Plockton.

Dougie will be offering 1-1 tuition this year.


Core tutor Sharon Creasey returns to Aberdeen with her experience of playing traditional music on Boehm system flute, piccolo and whistle. Sharon’s teaching is essential for anyone, but particularly for this crossing over into traditional music on the Boehm system flute.

Her extensive knowledge of the music of Fermanagh and interest in digging into old music collections and manuscripts always produces rare and unusual material to the workshops.

Look out for the traditional piccolo duets with Sharon and Dougie in the sessions — can these be the only ones in Scotland?

Sharon will be teaching group classes this year.


The inspirational Kenny Hadden core FluteFling tutor and co-founder and tutor with SCAT in Aberdeen returns again to teach this year.

Inducted to the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2018 for his services to community education and music, Kenny brings his vast experience and knowledge of the Scottish and Irish repertoire and his interest in the older collections.

Kenny will be will be offering 1-1 tuition this year.

Edinburgh FluteFling founder Gordon Turnbull makes up the foursome. Gordon will be returning to Aberdeen with his interest in different styles, techniques and expression, in particular with puirt à beul (Gaelic mouth music) on the flute and whistle, older melodies and tune types.

Gordon will be teaching group classes this year.



Expect sessions, food, good company, good music and kindred spirits in flute and whistle.

After piloting a session tune list in Edinburgh 2019, there are two for Aberdeen that are available on Dropbox. One is of some standard tunes so that everyone can feel welcome — including non flute and whistle players! The other is collection is of tunes from NE Scotland.

There is no obligation to learn or play these tunes, but you may well hear them over the weekend and want to join in.

Numbers have been very strong in previous years and it is likely to be the same this year, so book early for the workshops and hope to see you at the sessions too!



More info: http://www.flutefling.co.uk/scottish-flute-weekends/flutefling-aberdeen-weekend-2019/


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